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High Quality Cold Pressed Avocado Oil

About Origen Fresh

Origen Fresh is a for profit social enterprise aimed at empowering and transforming lives. The company spent almost three years researching the technologies used in avocado oil production and setting up a strong supply chain by locating and contracting farmers from the Central, Meru and Kisii region of Kenya.

We selected the highest quality European machines to be installed and used within our manufacturing facility. The machines have been specifically built for purpose, to ensure we obtain the highest quality cold pressed avocado oil in the most efficient way possible.

Our Purpose

To support and empower Kenyan avocado farmers by reducing post-harvest losses by providing them with an efficient and affordable market as well as leveraging on technology to process the avocado into high quality oil and other products and creating an appropriate business structure for taking the products to the market

Our Vision

To be a sustainable globally recognized enterprise that producing high quality, natural avocado products for both local and international markets

Our Core Values

Integrity and trustworthiness in all our dealings with all the stakeholders of the project. Exceeding customer expectations in quality, pricing and delivery times. Creativity and innovation in the entire operations of the company.

Our Story

Origen Fresh was founded in 2017 by 2 young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference in the agricultural sector having worked in the sector in Kenya and across East Africa for more than 7 years. It didn’t take them long to realize that smallholder farmers were the most affected by the high post harvest loss and wastage as well as price exploitation by middlemen. Being farmers themselves, they experienced the same level of frustration. they knew they had to change the story.

To protect small holder farmers, Origen Fresh was formed and began by providing modern agricultural machinery services to small holder farmers to enable them to increase their yield and produce healthy and nutritious foods. However, Lack of a consistent and reliable market was still a challenge. The team then decided to process one of the most popular grown products in Kenya and grown by over 80% of small holder farmers and whose post harvest loss is at 40%- 45% of the total annual production.

Under the guidance and leadership of their board chair, the team has grown from 2 employees to 60 employees purchasing avocado from over 50,000 farmers producing oil under globally accepted standards allowing it to be sold across the world.

Ours is a commitment to transform farmers and the environment in which they exist in, our employees, our surrounding and benefit the society at large.

Private Label Partnership

Only the purest, highest-quality oils are desired and deserved by your clients. With our quality products on hand, you may start your own private label program and expand your business; And our long track record of strict regulatory compliance gives you one less thing to worry about. Get in touch with our team to learn more about this — to answer your questions and offer advice.

Best grade cold pressed avocado oil in the most efficient way possible

We are producers of avocado oil extracted using a single cold pressed production method, which ensures we retain all the essential nutrients. We guarantee a completely chemical and additive free extraction process.

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